Tips to Be a Good Video Game Tester!

Video game tester is one of the most demanding job profiles in today’s scenario. It has created a craze among all generations of people to earn some fast bucks without the need of any educational qualifications. But there is one major qualification that a wannabe video game tester must possess and that is s/he must be a game freak.

For a beginner, it might be quite tough to get into the profession but with a little research you can get easy access to video game testing jobs. And once you get access to it, getting a job as a game tester is a child’s play. This is one such job profile where an average game tester can earn as much as $ 40,000. Though it does not require any qualifications but it is no different from any other jobs.

To be a great game tester, there are some steps which you must be aware of. Get to know these steps to equip yourself with the qualities of being a great video game tester.

1) Before you go ahead with your job, make sure to go through the guidelines and the procedures to be followed minutely. This will be helpful in shedding more light in the type of work you are going to perform and what are the things expected from you. You will be required to give them your feedback as per their instructions. Deadline must be met strictly and a standard format must be followed while submitting the assessment.

2) Keep in mind that being a game tester involves more than playing it for fun. You will need to adopt different strategies in order to examine every aspect of the game. Be alert while playing the game and try to figure out even the slightest problem that you noticed while playing the game.

3) Make sure to take down notes, as you continue to test the game. These notes are important as you will have to make the report based on these notes. Always make it a point to be concrete and describe in detail about the bugs and glitches that you have come across while playing the game.

4) Every bit of information that you collect is valuable and will be helpful for the programmers to rectify the problem. In any case if you ever come across a bug then try to recreate it and find out the reason behind it. Make sure to give each and every detail of the bug like its location, level, character and other related information. Also take note of any errors like misspelling, discoloration, error in graphics and music/sound.

5) If you complete the assessment of the game well before the deadline then make it a point to start playing the game right from the beginning. This way you will be able to ensure that you have not missed out on any part of the game. Prepare your final report and include all the information that you have collected no matter how small it may seem. Your report must be well organized and professional.

Also it is important to know that the type of games that you play will determine the type of companies for you to apply. With these tips handy, you can be a go getter and move on to become one of the most successful video game tester.

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