Online Business Needs Social Media and SEO to Survive in 2010

With newspaper circulation declining all over the county social media exploding, people want to be in control of what they read, view and interact with. Mediums like Facebook continues to grow at a rate of 600,000 users per day and added 100 million users in 9 months. At this point 80% of people who access social media through their cell phones, use Twitter.

In 2010, people will find it absolutely necessary to list their business in social media to keep up with their competition and help to bring in new clients that use Social Media. Over half a million businesses are already establishing their brand, increasing traffic, and interacting with customers (past, present, and future.) They are able to advertise specials, coupons, and news for free. People are reading electronically, making classified ads and direct mail obsolete.

So what does it take to win consumer attention online? A website is no longer the main piece to the online marketing puzzle, SEO (search engine optimization), and social media/networking is just as important. This trifecta is essential to get needle exposure in today’s haystack, but hiring a professional will make you dominate your industry. Many business owners will attempt to care for their own online marketing campaigns, but will unfortunately fail or even get themselves blacklisted. And sadly most small business owners don’t call SEO companies for fear they cannot afford their services in this economy. Larger corporations have unfortunately been burned by unreputable companies at the start of SEO, PPC, and other internet marketing. These fears will paralyze any business from growing from this point on.

Medical professionals and spa/salon owners are now starting to feel the pressure to put effort into their online reputation. Patients want medical professionals offering more information online such as videos, social media, and more practice interaction. Spa and salon clients want more specials and subliminal messages reminding them to make that appointment, a key benefit of social media.

Business owners will find that they save themselves time and heartache by hiring a professional SEO company that provides a Social Media Setup Service. When debating whether to attempt social media yourself or hire a company to do it for you, view this checklist:

-Do you know how to use keywords to optimize your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter,
and other media upon setup?
-Do you understand how to generate content and a following relevant to your
-Optimize your business to get exposure?
-Make your profile interesting and interactive?
-Make your social media raise your website rankings?

We have seen many users on Facebook and Twitter deleting/ignoring businesses for boring, irrelevant, or too much content. Or Fan Pages with 3 followers (most of them are the owners relatives), because people don’t understand how to use social networking. Or website owners that cannot understand why their phone isn’t ringing. The answer is, your competitors have hired SEO companies. Now your website is buried in the search engines beneath your competitors. Now your potential clients will search, find your competitors, and call them instead. In today’s “Generation Y” business world you need the Trifecta to distinguish yourself between a business owner and a success.

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