Mobile Games Teach Us More Than Games

We live in a society, in a complex one of different relations with people around us. Games, especially mobile games, are simplified models of the real life in the society. It cannot be denied that a certain amount of games are full of road racing, guns, fighting, killing, blood letting, and death and dying, and of course, hot girls wearing little clothing to spice up the action. However, those health games indeed teach us a lot more than game itself.

Most of the rules governing a social life are highlighted in games. For those who are depressed about the relations between themselves and people around, we are sure they would gain a lot if they happened to participate in cards games in which players should try to win high points while defeating the others. Perhaps, they will find the key to the problem vexed them that that need cooperation as well as independence. To distinct who are friends and who are not is what mobile games teach us first.

At the same time, games teach us strategy and intelligence about life. By playing chess, brains are trained to think quickly and analysis precisely. Through playing mobile games, players learn to react promptly and imagine wildly. What is more, games build up their characters-perseverance, carefulness, courage, confidence, etc, with which they know how to cope with difficulties in the life.

And to the last point, no teacher in the world can be compared to games. They are attractive, friendly and patient. Mobile games never scold you for even your most foolish blunder. When “Game over”, players just need to press the single button of “New game” to restart the game. Just imagine how you could recover from the same mistake if it happens in your real life?

Players can gain knowledge and learn new skills via the operation of mobile games, and they often learn better and faster through games than they do through conventional methods. Playing games is a social activity that rings people closer together while helping them learn more about how to get along with each other. For this reason, mobile games can be a very useful part of company training programs as well as simple entertainment.

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